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PORT helps your business meet the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulations.

PORT connects with the apps you already use and love

PORT connects to the services you already love to make your personal data meet the requirements of the new laws.  It's quick, easy, and let's you get on with your business.

Four simple steps to GDPR compliance



Connect the apps you already know and love. PORT automatically organises the data to give you one view of your customer data, in sync across your apps. No more updated address on one system and not on the other.


With your systems connected and in sync, you're ready to select the compliance settings for how your business uses personal data. This creates a GDPR compliant data agreement that will be shared with your customers.


Send automatic information receipts to users detailing what personal data you store and how you use it. Give your users the controls to manage their data in a compliant and  transparent way.


Take control of the personal data in your organisation. Gain actionable insights from your reports. Automatically manage data subject access requests and maintain a documented audit trail to demonstrate your compliance.
GDPR was freaking me out until I found PORT
Chris @ Fairside Bookkeeping and Accountancy

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Understanding where you hold personal data is the first step to GDPR compliance. PORT's Data Mapping makes it simple.

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