Simple GDPR

Revolutionary simple GDPR compliance

As they say, life is hard so choose a path that makes it worth it. So why would anyone choose a life of GDPR compliance?

GDPR is just another pain in the backside. Or is it?

Now that doing GDPR right is so easy and affordable, is it still worth taking the risk of winging it?

Batman GDPR Slap!

How can I make my business GDPR safe, quickly?

Whatever stage your business is at it’s likely you’re going to have to show someone somewhere that you comply with the GDPR.

How to make your business GDPR compliant

How to get a free Coronavirus Privacy Checkup for your business

It’s time for a privacy checkup. The world has changed and so too has the way businesses are using personal data. Now is the time to do yours the quick and easy way for free.

Simple GDPR special offer for startups

The simplest, quickest and easiest way to get your business GDPR compliant with minimal effort and at a special startup price of 75% off.

Today is kind of a big day for us.

Wish that GDPR was simple? So did we, so we reimagined the whole experience to be more intuitive, actionable and delightfully simple.


Smarter, simpler, safer GDPR.

Because life is complicated enough without the added challenges of keeping your GDPR compliance up to date.