Privacy Centre is the new way to build trust and comply with privacy regulations.

Welcome to Privacy Centre

Privacy Center is the revolutionary new way to generate your privacy policy and present privacy information to your customers. In combination with PORT’s AI-powered compliance toolkit, it makes your business compliant with international privacy regulations, more trustworthy and safer.

World’s #1 (and only!) Free Privacy Center

Generating a branded Privacy Center (it’s like a privacy policy on steroids!) is super fast and easy. We’re talking minutes to set up and no experience or knowledge of privacy is needed. Isn’t it time you switched up to a better way of managing privacy?

Ethical Privacy – The New Way to Show You Respect the Privacy of Your Customers.

Privacy is difficult for businesses to manage and tough for people to understand but does it need to be like that? We think there’s a better way that benefits both. We call it ethical privacy.

Ethical Privacy

What is a Privacy Center And Should You Have One?

What is a privacy center? Here’s your essential guide to privacy centers and everything you need to know about the new way businesses manage privacy to comply with the regulations and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Find out more about this new phenomenon and whether your business could benefit too.

What is a privacy center and should you have one?

Do You Need to Appoint an EU Representative?

If you handle the personal data of EU citizens then you’re probably asking yourself this question.

Here we give you straight answers.

Do you need to appoint an EU representative?

The Data Governance App That Does The Hard Work For You.

Privacy policies are just the start when it comes to data governance. Privacy can quickly become very complex but here’s how to keep it simple.

Data Governance Platform Blue

Build Trust to Thrive in a Post Pandemic World.

In our rapidly changing world there is still one tried and tested way to strengthen your business.

Build Trust to Thrive in a Pandemic

What You Need to Know About Data Governance.

What is data governance and do you need to know about it? Here we break it down into the basics so you can make sure you do what you need to do.

Privacy Governance Privacy Center is a Tech Nation Rising Stars 3.0 Finalist!, is a national finalist in the the Tech Nation Rising Stars competition.

Tech Nation Rising Stars Finalist 2021

A Small Business Guide to Brexit Personal Data Compliance in 2021.

Here’s our no nonsense guide to GDPR and Brexit. What you need to think about, what you might need to do, and most importantly, how you can do things simply.

Data Mapping The Easy Automatic Way

Data mapping can be a difficult and time consuming task but not if you choose to use an automatic service like’s Privacy Centre.

Automatic data mapping

What is Data Mapping?

To manage the personal data in your organisation, first you need to know what you have, where it is, how it’s used and who it’s shared with.

The process of recording all the details is called data mapping.

The Quick Start Guide to GDPR Compliance for Startups.

Complying with privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA can be a painful experience but follow these simple steps and your business will be privacy-compliant quickly and efficiently.

Revolutionary Simple GDPR Compliance

As they say, life is hard so choose a path that makes it worth it. So why would anyone choose a life of GDPR compliance?

Simple GDPR

GDPR is Just Another Compliance Burden For Small Businesses. Or Is It?

Now that doing GDPR right is so easy and affordable, is it still worth taking the risk of winging it?
We weigh up the risks.

Batman GDPR Slap!

How can I make my business GDPR safe, quickly?

Whatever stage your business is at it’s likely you’re going to have to show someone somewhere that you comply with the GDPR.

How to make your business GDPR compliant

How to get a free Coronavirus Privacy Checkup for your business

It’s time for a privacy checkup. The world has changed and so too has the way businesses are using personal data. Now is the time to do yours the quick and easy way for free.

Today Is Kind Of a Big Day For Us.

Wish that GDPR was simple? So did we, so we reimagined the whole experience to be more intuitive, actionable and delightfully simple.


Smarter, Simpler, Safer GDPR.

Because life is complicated enough without the added challenges of keeping your GDPR compliance up to date.