Build Trust to Thrive in a Post Pandemic World.

In our rapidly changing world there is still one tried and tested way to strengthen your business.

Build Trust to Thrive in a Pandemic

Just like a maturing startup, the world has pivoted.

Organisations are re-organising. Business models are revolutionising, and communities are re-connecting. Our trust in everything is being tested.

The Pandemic is Wreaking its Havoc.

Consumers and businesses are having to evolve more rapidly than they would have liked, or are comfortable with, just to survive the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We now have a new vocabulary to go with our new behaviours.

Social distancing, test and trace, furlough and self-isolating are all new to us.

Each describes a forced action that combined have changed the fundamentals of our lives. 

The world will never be the same again.

But one thing is for sure.

Personal data is at the core of everything every enterprise needs to exist, whether it’s the personal details of employees or the marketing data of customers and prospects.

It’s Not Just Physical.

Something instinctive has changed in our emotions too.

If you are out walking or cycling, it’s easy to see that there is a newfound interest in our fellow beings.

Walkers say hi and cyclists wave and nod to each other.

These minor social gestures belie the depth of change in our society.

There is now a shared concern for others.

A level of interest that previously was just politeness.

Now it’s more about mutual survival.

Privacy also has newfound respect in our more compassionate society.

Openness and transparency are now core attributes of organisations, businesses, and brands that want to be trusted.

But trust is a fragile thing.

At the heart of trust is the simple question.

Are you doing me good? Or harm?

And further, are you doing good or harm for society as a whole?

These questions apply to individuals and organisations alike.

How Can Your Organisation Thrive?

It’s simple.

Organisations that can engender trust will be favoured over those that cannot.

Treating people and their data with respect is at the pinnacle of our hierarchical needs.

As an organisation, by doing the right thing with my data, you demonstrate respect for my wellbeing and that of others.

Doing what the law dictates further underlines that faith.

That’s why, here at, we believe that now is the time to evolve and thrive in the new world.

Now is the time to show the people that your business interacts with, whoever they may be, that you respect their privacy when you use their data.

Respect others as you would like them to respect you and we can all embrace the new future together, whatever it may bring.

To discover how Privacy Center can help you manage your personal data to build trust, follow this link.