How to get a free Coronavirus Privacy Checkup for your business

It’s time for a privacy checkup. The world has changed and so too has the way businesses are using personal data. Now is the time to do yours the quick and easy way for free.

We know how difficult it is for businesses right now and we want to do our little bit to help. So, we’re giving away our Coronavirus Privacy Checkup for free.

Coronavirus has thrown everyone into a spin. Businesses of all sizes are now facing the challenge of managing new kinds of personal data.

Everything from recording staff health to logging visitors to pubs, restaurants and cafés, it’s all creating GDPR headaches for business owners.

And the threat of GDPR hasn’t gone away even though the ICO has said they will be lenient during the current health emergency.

But more importantly, it’s the integrity of your business that’s at stake. Your reputation.

If your customers think you don’t value their privacy then it’s likely they’ll think you don’t value their custom. They won’t be coming back.

We get it. The rules and regulations are tiresome.

Trying to understand what you need to do is difficult. So we’ve created our Coronavirus Privacy Checkup tool to help you make your business safe and trusted.

It’s simple enough that anyone can do it.

You don’t need to be a GDPR expert. In fact, you don’t need to know anything about personal data or privacy to get your business back on track.

Answer the questions and you’ll have an action list that’s made for your business.

If you’ve had to make changes to how you operate then you might be surprised by how many things need to be checked, changed, or done to make your business safe and give your customers confidence.

But don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as it looks to do what you need to do.

Use the checklist to guide you through.

It may take a little time but if you value your business it’ll be worth it.

You’ll be happier. Your customers and staff will be happier. And if you ever have a complaint, the Regulator will be happier too!