Data Mapping The Easy Automatic Way

Data mapping can be a difficult and time consuming task but not if you choose to use an automatic service like’s Privacy Centre.

Automatic data mapping

Let’s face it, data mapping can be a real challenge!

Equipped with nothing better than basic spreadsheets and templates it can be a tiresome task to carry out once. But it’s a massive pain to do it regularly, as demanded by the privacy regulations.

Surely, there must be an easier way to map your data processing and keep it up to date… Right?

Automatic Data Mapping Compliance

Yes, there is!

Privacy Centre‘s smart data mapping tools automatically map the data you’re processing throughout your organisation.

Simply by answering a few questions PORT’s AI generates a drag-and-drop data map of your data processing activities.

The data map is easily customisable and connected to the policies in your Privacy Centre. So the changes you make to your data map automatically update across all your privacy compliance notices, policies and records.

It’s the simple and easy way to map your data and keep your privacy documentation up to date.

You can learn more about data mapping here.

Team Collaboration Without The Fuss

Collaborate with your team to create, review and update your data mapping when you need to.

You can assign tasks to team members to gather the information you need.

It’s faster and easier than compliance discovery calls and your team will thank you for it. No more awkward shared spreadsheets and confusing forms.

The Privacy Center drag and drop data map is intuitive to use with helpful indicators and guidance. 

Privacy Center takes the pain out of creating data maps. Reviewing data flows, and maintaining compliance records. It’s so easy.

Connected Privacy Center Saves Time

The data mapping tool is connected to your own branded privacy centre.

Privacy Center makes it easy for your visitors to quickly understand your approach to managing their privacy. It’s designed to build trust with your visitors by being open and transparent about your handling of their data.

Privacy Center is where your privacy policies and notices are automatically generated and published. To publish your privacy details or to update your privacy center is as simple as the click of a button. 

Your privacy center is the home for all your privacy compliance information.

Privacy Center includes everything the regulations require you to communicate about privacy and it’s optimised to build trust by being easy to understand.

Build trust. Don’t seed suspicion.

No more dubious small print. Everything privacy. All in one place. Easy to understand. Simple.

Privacy center includes your privacy policies, notices, subject access requests, and all the other documents you need to make available to people. 

Record, review and update your privacy information automatically, all from your data mapping tool and then publish to your privacy centre.

Mapping your data and keeping your policy information up to date has never been easier.

Try it out for your business.