World’s #1 (and only!) Free Privacy Center

Generating a branded Privacy Center (it’s like a privacy policy on steroids!) is super fast and easy. We’re talking minutes to set up and no experience or knowledge of privacy is needed. Isn’t it time you switched up to a better way of managing privacy?

Free Privacy Center is the simplest way to comply with the privacy regulations, (think GDPR, CCPA etc) demonstrate your integrity, and build trust with your customers.

Privacy Policies Are Broken

You already have a privacy policy, right?

But what does it say about you and your company?

Privacy Policy - Broken
Privacy Policies Are Broken

For far too long now, businesses have presented privacy details in a way that says to their customers ‘We don’t care what you think’.

In other words, we don’t care about you.

It can’t be right that the most important details of our personal relationship with a brand are wrapped up in lengthy small print, written in legalese.

This information is key to forming a strong and lasting relationship.

Learning that a business will respect your privacy should inspire confidence and trust.

Instead, the experience usually fills people with dread and makes them worry that they will lose control of their information.

Or worse, that their personal data might fall into the wrong hands.

Can they trust your brand to respect their most personal information?

The good news is that there is now a better way to comply with the regulations, demonstrate your integrity and build trust with your customers.

We call it Privacy Center, and it’s free!

Say Hello to Free Privacy Center.

Privacy Center makes managing privacy compliance simple for businesses and easy for people to understand.

Example Privacy Center

This unique combination is a win-win for businesses and individuals.

Businesses gain from the increased trust and confidence their customers have in their brand.

Individuals are more comfortable sharing their personal data with companies they trust.

Privacy Center is Free Forever.

We’ve made Privacy Center free for all businesses.


Because we believe that every business and its customers should be able to enjoy the benefits of ethical privacy.

Clear, open and transparent communication of privacy information is good for your company and good for your customers.

How Can Privacy Center be Free?

Simple. offers a comprehensive set of compliance tools for businesses that need to demonstrate full compliance.

For a monthly subscription businesses can add the compliance hub.

Compliance Hub is a suite of integrated tools, records and documents that provides all the documentation necessary to manage and demonstrate personal data compliance.

You can add compliance hub as your business grows.

Quick set up

Privacy Center is an automatically generated privacy portal that brings together all aspects of privacy into one place.

It makes it simple for businesses to be compliant with the regulations and easy for customers to understand how their data will be used.

It’s quick to set up and easy to customize. Thanks to the AI-driven platform, the whole process can be achieved in minutes.

Privacy Center is Good For Business

Research shows that companies that communicate openly and transparently about how they manage personal data are more trusted by their customers.

The same research confirms that companies that are trusted by their customers and compliant with the regulations are able to grow faster and safer, and ultimately be more successful.

Privacy Center for Apps

Privacy Center is the ideal free privacy policy generator for app developers.

You can easily generate a customizable, self-updating GDPR compliant privacy policy for your iOS, Android and Facebook apps.

Privacy Policies Are Dead

Scaling up is about more than building a business, it’s also about building a brand. Trust and integrity are key to your success.

Privacy policies do nothing to enhance your brand. Their small print has a damaging effect on your ability to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Long Live Privacy Centers

A privacy centers will help your business to build trust, increase conversions, and comply with privacy legislation. provides end to end privacy management that makes compliance simple, enhances your reputation and keeps you safe.

Manage all your privacy, from your website through to your compliance, without the complexities and costs of other methods.

International Privacy Regulations Privacy Center and compliance hub is suitable for businesses that need to manage international regulations. In particular, the GDPR and CCPA.

How it works

Setting up your free privacy center is simple and fast.

  1. Create a free account at
Create a Free Privacy Center

2. Answer some simple questions about your business.

Free Privacy Center Questions

3. Customise the colors, add a background image and add your logo.

Customize Privacy Center

4. Edit the wording of the Free Privacy Center to suit your style of communication.

Edit Privacy Center

5. Select the third party services you use and add any others that are not already listed.

Privacy Center Third Party Services

6. Select ‘Build’ and the smart AI will create a data map of your business and automatically generate your privacy center.

You can also add any more policies that your might want to use.

7. Choose your url.

Privacy Center url

8. Preview your Privacy Center and if you’re happy, hit ‘Publish’.

Preview Privacy Policy

9. Create a link to your Privacy Center from your website.

You’re now ready to show the world that you are compliant with the regulations and that you can be trusted with their personal information.

Remember, you can always invite your colleagues to help if you have a big or complex business.

How to Get Your Free Privacy Center

You can get started right away.

It’s so simple and fast that you won’t believe how quickly you can generate your own free privacy center and have it live.

You can customize it with your own colors and branding.

When the regulations change, so does your Privacy Center. It updates automatically so you don’t need to be a privacy expert to stay up to date and legal.

It’s hosted so can be a simple link from your website or app. You can make the url part of your domain if you prefer.