GDPR Privacy Policy Generator UK’s free GDPR privacy policy generator makes it fast and simple to create a GDPR compliant privacy policy for the UK and EU.

The GDPR demands that privacy terms be communicated in a clear, transparent and lawful way.

GDPR Privacy Policy Generator UK

The privacy policy generator will automatically create a GDPR compliant privacy policy for your website. It’s quick and easy.

In only minutes, the privacy policy generator will automatically produce a fully customised privacy policy specifically made for your business.

There is no need to use a privacy policy template, or worse, copy and paste a privacy policy from another website.

This UK privacy policy generator is suitable for businesses that operate under UK and EU law.

It has been developed for websites, SaaS businesses and apps. In particular for iOS and Android apps.

The free privacy policy generator is part of’s Privacy Center. If you haven’t already heard about privacy centers, you soon will.

Privacy centers are rapidly becoming the way successful businesses communicate privacy and comply with the regulations. They make it easier for businesses to manage compliance and simple for people to understand privacy.’s Privacy Center is AI-generated for your business. This extra level of customization helps ensure you have a privacy policy that is suited to your business today and that grows with you as you grow.

Privacy Center is the best way to present privacy information in a compliant and easily understandable way. Privacy Center includes a fully GDPR compliant privacy policy.

Privacy Compliance in 2021 And Beyond

Privacy centers are the new way to communicate privacy and comply with the regulations.

Many big brands are leading the way and have adopted privacy centers as their preferred method of publishing their privacy information and building trust in their brand.

Learn more about the advantages of a privacy center here.

Now, through the power of the privacy platform, you can also have your own fully branded and customised privacy center created for your business.

Free GDPR Privacy Policy Generator for Websites

If your website collects personal information then you must present a GDPR compliant privacy policy. This is essential if you are dealing with EU or UK citizens.

The usual way to do this is via a link in the footer of your website to a full page displaying your privacy policy.

Privacy policies are important and not only for legal reasons. Having a well written and clearly presented privacy policy can improve trust in your brand and lead to increased business.

App Developers – free GDPR Privacy Policy Generator for Apps

All iOS and Android apps require a privacy policy to be in place before each app is approved for listing in AppStore or Google Play. generates a free GDPR compliant privacy policy that is suitable for use with apps.

The privacy policy generator makes it simple to create a customised privacy policy that accurately reflects the needs of your app.

Live Privacy Policy in Minutes, For App Developers

If you don’t have a website for your app you can use the hosted version of’s privacy center. This means that you will have a live privacy policy in minutes. It’s also free.