How can I make my business GDPR safe, quickly?

Whatever stage your business is at it’s likely you’re going to have to show someone somewhere that you comply with the GDPR.

How to make your business GDPR compliant

There are many reasons you might need to be GDPR compliant. Making your business safe from the perils of GDPR may just be one of them.

You may be selling your business, registering with a local authority or simply competing for a big contract that demands it. All these are good reasons to get your GDPR house in order.

The question is, how do you know you’re doing GDPR correctly, and can you prove it?

We hear this a lot. The challenge for most businesses is that there’s no standard formula for doing GDPR.

Knowing if you’re doing the right things, or whether you have done enough, is difficult to determine.

What is the GDPR all about?

There are two main aspects to GDPR, or the Data Protection Act (2018) as interpreted here in the UK.

The first aspect centres around the collection and use of the data. It’s the what, where, why, when, and how, of the personal information your business manages. This is the bit that you need to document.

The second aspect is security. How well are you securing the data you have. Are you protecting the personal information you have sufficiently well?

Documenting your data processes is the one that most people struggle to do. It’s the one where there’s no instruction manual. It’s also the one the ICO will take a look at first if they investigate you.

Effective documentation of your personal data activities will make your business GDPR safe.

The real reason GDPR exists.

Underlying these two aspects is the need for trust. The GDPR exists to encourage us all to trust the digital interactions necessary to operate a modern world. Banking, health, payments, etc. All the digital services that are essential to enable us to evolve.

If you are coming to GDPR fresh, it’s not surprising that it’s difficult to work out what you have to do.

Firstly, there’s the massive document that is the regulation itself. Best of luck trying to read and interpret that!

Secondly, where do you start? There seems to be so many things to be done. There’s also tons of piecemeal advice telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. But crucially, there’s no defined format for doing it all.

There is an easier way to be GDPR compliant.

Luckily, we know GDPR inside out. We’ve been working in privacy for the last ten years.

We know that GDPR is simpler than you might think, providing you have a format to work to. That’s where our software comes in.

It’s taken us years to build. Three, actually. We’ve put all our privacy expertise into making GDPR simple. is the expert, so you don’t need to be.

The other aspect of GDPR, the security side is more difficult to simplify, so we’ve added the option to take out our Data Protection Insurance. It’s an FCA regulated product, so I won’t go into the detail here. You can check it out for yourself.

The more you can do to manage personal data securely, the more you will make your business GDPR safe.

You don’t need to be an expert to do GDPR.

Our aim is that you can protect your business from most GDPR risks with our software and insurance.

The software is so simple that anyone in your business can operate it. It even produces a GDPR score so the whole team can keep a high-level overview of progress and status.

To address the trust issue, you can show you respect the data of your customers, patients, pupils, etc, with an internet badge. The badge communicates to your audience that you manage your business responsibly.

With pricing starting from as little at £28.28 a month, you can see we’ve worked really hard to keep the price low so that every organisation that must be GDPR compliant can be, without having to incur the significant expense of lawyers and consultants.

Although, we always recommend that you seek the opinion of a lawyer if you are unclear about what you are doing. We have to say this although the reality is that most of the GDPR has never been tested in court and is still open to broad interpretation.

You are not alone – even though you may feel pretty lonely right now.

Whatever your reason for needing to be GDPR compliant, we’re here to help you.

Get in touch if you need a hand. We love to hear from you. It’s exciting for us to learn what specific challenges you’re facing. Yes, we’re pretty obsessed with GDPR!