Revolutionary Simple GDPR Compliance

As they say, life is hard so choose a path that makes it worth it. So why would anyone choose a life of GDPR compliance?

Simple GDPR

When I tell people what I do, they look at me with a kind of stunned numbness.

I can see the look on their face.

They’re thinking why on earth would you choose to have anything to do with GDPR compliance?

Surely, it has to be the most tedious and thankless job in the world, right?

Well, you don’t have to be a GDPR compliance nerd to do what we’re doing.

We’re doing what we’re doing because we believe that privacy and security of personal data sit at the very core of trust.

And trust affects everything we do.

Who has your data, what they are doing with it and who they share it with are matters that affect every one of us.

It’s all about freedom and trust.

That’s why we have the regulations to keep us all on track.

But the unintended consequences of the well-intentioned regulations are the interpretation of what they mean in practice.

Complicated is Easy. It’s Simple That’s Difficult.

GDPR compliance often becomes a confusing array of spreadsheets and policies that only a dedicated professional can manage.

There’s a vested interest in maintaining that.

This complexity usually means that the GDPR compliance process is relegated to a backroom activity rather than being front and centre in the operations of the business.

Well, we’re doing precisely the opposite.

We hate the complexities of GDPR compliance.

That’s why we’ve reimagined the process from the ground up.

We’ve focussed on the bits that matter.

How did we get into the GDPR Compliance Space?

Dan and I were developing a high profile consumer service when we realised just how complicated GDPR compliance is for any business that has to manage personal information.

So, we decided to do something about it.

Realising the challenge was in the complexity of both understanding and implementing the regulations, we set about creating the simplest possible solution.

A Vision of Compliance Simplicity

We envisioned a service that would enable all businesses to comply with the regulations without having to become experts or having to incur the expense of lawyers and consultants. Privacy Center is the culmination of our thinking.

It addresses the key challenges that businesses face.

The sophisticated software makes the process super-simple for the average person.

It takes the complexity out of maintaining Records of Processing Activities (ROPA, as they are endearingly referred to in the industry), carrying out impact assessments (DPIAs!) and creating privacy policies, and lots more.

We’ve also thrown in expert guidance and optional data protection insurance.

Because no matter how carefully an organisation manages the personal data it handles, there are always going to be questions and the possibility that something could go awry.

The Anti-Compliance Compliance people

Yes, we’re the anti-compliance compliance people.

That’s how we see ourselves.

We’ll keep making GDPR compliance simpler and simpler until no privacy expertise is needed.

Just the desire to respect the data of others and to treat it as if it were your own.

And comply with the regulations, of course!