Today Is Kind Of a Big Day For Us.

Wish that GDPR was simple? So did we, so we reimagined the whole experience to be more intuitive, actionable and delightfully simple.


We’ve been working towards making the problem of personal data compliance easier for businesses for a few years now.

Actually, too many years to feel comfortable to mention.

In that time we’ve learnt a lot. Luckily, like many startups, by trying new things, we’ve gained unique experience and insights.

As they say, experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

So today, we launch our second attempt to give businesses what they need.

It’s taken us longer than we hoped. (Doesn’t it always!)

And we’ve been through what has felt like an endless maze.

We’ve jumped hurdles and encountered a few dead ends along the way.

But, we’ve done it.

We’re very proud of our new service.

What’s so special?

Well, it’s different because we asked every business who would put up with us, what their problems were when managing or even thinking about, their personal data and GDPR compliance.

What we discovered was that small and medium-sized businesses just want to be safe from the risks and trusted by their customers.

Like most of us, they want to do the right thing but don’t know how to.

They would like access to an expert for when they get stuck.

And they also want to be safe from the things that can go wrong when they handle personal data. Effectively, insurance.

So we set about creating what we believe to be the best service out there.

It’s smart privacy for SME’s.

You see, GDPR is simple if you know what you are doing.

The real problem is that until now it has taken a lot of time and effort to work out just what you have to do.

“GDPR is grey”, “We don’t know what we have to do” and “We don’t know how we’re doing” were phrases we heard again and again.

So we’ve made GDPR so simple that anyone in a small organisation can manage it.

We’ve also created a GDPR score so everyone can see how their business stacks up, and see how well they are doing. 

Of course, we have included access to experts for those niggly little questions that are inevitable.

Data Protection Insurance

Also, importantly, we have included optional data protection insurance.

So for the first time, as far as we know, a business can make themselves safe from the regulations as well as data breaches and hackers, all in one service.

Lastly, we have a badge for businesses to put on their website to show that they care about privacy and are doing the right thing.

Now comes the acid test.

So, yes. It’s a big day for us.