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Privacy Center is the revolutionary new way to generate your privacy policy and present privacy information to your customers. In combination with PORT’s AI-powered compliance toolkit, it makes your business compliant with international privacy regulations, more trustworthy and safer.

Privacy Centre is the new way to build trust and comply with privacy regulations.

PORT.im is revolutionising privacy policies with Privacy Centre, the smart new way to communicate privacy and manage compliance across your business.

From your website through to your GDPR compliance, Privacy Centre makes it simple to comply with the local and international privacy regulations.

This ground-breaking approach helps to optimise customer trust and safeguard your business against the risks of managing personal data.

PORT.im replaces privacy policies and compliance spreadsheets with one end-to-end connected privacy management service.

Privacy centres are a rapidly growing trend for many reasons. You can dive deep into our special guide on privacy centres here.

What is Privacy Centre?

Privacy Centre is a beautiful online experience that brings all aspects of privacy together into one place for your customers to read and interact with.

Privacy Centre makes it easy for people to understand how you manage their personal information. It seamlessly connects to the PORT.im compliance hub, a comprehensive compliance toolkit.

The result is better communication, increased trust, more customers, as well as reliable end-to-end compliance management for your business.

Think of PORT.im as your privacy control centre. And think of Privacy Centre as you outward facing privacy portal.

In short, robust privacy compliance, greater trust, and PORT’s leading data protection insurance – all available in one place.

Why you need a Privacy Centre

PORT.im works on three levels to help you grow your business, comply with the regulations, and cover the risks of handling personal information.

Firstly, it builds trust and increases efficiency by replacing the traditional privacy policy with an interactive Privacy Centre.

Privacy Center is designed to be easy to read and simple to understand.

It has clear navigation and is optimised to communicate the essential legal requirements of international privacy regulations.

PORT.im makes light work of regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, and many more.

Secondly, it makes GDPR compliance simple by seamlessly connecting with a comprehensive set of AI-powered compliance tools.

On top of this, PORT.im provides optional Data Protection Insurance to cover you against the risks of managing personal information.

Privacy Centre for Your Customers

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency are the core values of the GDPR but privacy policies are usually the opposite.

That is to say, Privacy policies are often dense amounts of small print. They are often written in legalese, and presented in a way that makes them difficult to read and understand.

Openness and transparency are seriously lacking.

So, time to change your old privacy policy. PORT.im automatically creates a beautiful online Privacy Centre for your business.

Privacy Centre is designed to build trust with your customers by clearly communicating your privacy information.

Most importantly, it shows you are operating within the law, are fair in your management of personal data, and communicating your data processing operations transparently.

In short, you have integrity and can be trusted.

You can style and customise the content of Privacy Centre to reflect your branding and unique business needs.

Privacy Centre is connected to your compliance dashboard so you can publish your latest compliance changes to your online Privacy Centre in seconds.

As a result, the Privacy Centre and your compliance are always up-to-date and accurate making your business safer and your customers happier.

Your customers can see how you manage their information and they can be assured of your integrity, easily contact you, and exercise their rights.

Privacy Centre for End-to-End Compliance

Personal data compliance is difficult to implement and even harder to manage.

Historically, privacy compliance has involved a complex combination of tools, spreadsheets, and expertise. Typically including everything from lawyers to cookie banners, and spreadsheets to Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).

Data mapping is also one of the biggest compliance challenges for business.

Essentially, privacy compliance has historically been complicated and costly to implement and manage.

PORT.im changes all that.

Privacy Centre makes it easy to manage privacy compliance from one end of your business to the other.

From your website through to your Article 30 Records of Processing.

The PORT.im compliance hub includes all the compliance tools you need.

PORT.im brings all these elements together in one seamlessly connected digital privacy control centre to make privacy compliance simple, fast and efficient.

No experience necessary

Even if you have no previous experience of managing privacy, you will find the combination of Privacy Center and compliance hub simple to set up and manage.

Data Protection Insurance

Processing personal information is risky.

PORT.im offers optional data protection insurance because it doesn’t matter how careful you are; there is always the opportunity for something to go wrong when you’re handling personal data.

It could be something as simple as a lost laptop or as complex as a ransomware attack. Either way, the consequences can be damaging to both your reputation and your finances.

Taking out data protection insurance goes some way to protecting you from these existential risks to your future prosperity.

PORT.im data protection insurance UK is for UK based businesses only at present. It is underwritten by Beazley, one of the world’s leading cyber insurers.

Switch to Privacy Centre

There has never been a more critical time to show your customers that you respect their privacy and to do the right thing from a compliance perspective.

The ethics of all businesses are coming under increasing scrutiny. Show you care about the privacy of your customers. Ethical privacy is the approach that all businesses should adopt if they want to engender trust.

Make your business trusted, compliant and safe. Make the upgrade to Privacy Centre.