Three easy steps to GDPR compliance.



Connect the services you already use to PORT


Why you want the data, and what you will do with it


To your existing and new customers, automatically

Connect the services you already use.

It's quick and easy to connect the services where your customer data is stored to create one view of your customers and a user account for each person.


Map data sources

PORT keeps your contact information in sync across all your apps so when a contact address changes on one system the change automatically updates across all your systems.


Set up data agreements.

PORT makes creating clear and compliant data agreements easy. The process guides you through the decisions you have to make and automatically produces an agreement for your business.


Generate privacy policy.

Based on your settings, PORT generates a customised privacy policy tailor made to your business.


Open and transparent communications.

A key value of the General Data Protection Regulations is open and transparent communication.

PORT fulfils this demand by letting your customers know how you use their data and producing clear statements of any data received that can be incorporated in your user experience and sent to your customers.


Tell customers how you use their data.

Add trust and transparency to your customer relationships by informing existing and new customers what data you have and how you use it.


Manage user requests

PORT workflows make handling data access requests, right to be forgotten requests, data portability requests, and other requests and contests of legal basis, simple to manage and auditable.


A compliancy audit trail

Data relationships with your users are auditable so you can track activity and your Data Protection Officer can demonstrate process and accountability to the Regulator when they come knocking.

The fastest and easiest way for your business to be GDPR compliant

PORT connects to the services you already love to make your personal data meet the requirements of the new laws. It’s quick, easy, and let’s you get on with your business.

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